Chocolate hummus “thasmere”


500g boiled chickpeas, with ¼ cup of the water they were boiled in

cup tahini, preferably whole-grain

4 tbs cocoa powder

3 tbs honey

[tbs. = tablespoon   1 cup = 250ml]


For a more aromatic and “multidimensional” spread, you can add spices like ground cinnamon, clover, ginger, and cardamom (<— it really lifts it up!).

With a tablespoonful of hazelnut butter “thasmere” really resembles a traditional praline spread!

If you want your chocolate hummus to be really smooth, peel the chickpeas before pureing them – or have your kid do it for you 😉


Put all the ingredients in a food processor and begin to process. Add the chickpea liquid as needed to allow the machine to produce a smooth puree. Then, taste and adjust the flavor with spices and/or hazelnut butter.

Store in the refrigerator in a jar for up to 5 days.

It’s yummy as a chocolate spread on hot bread or even as a dip for crispy fruit! It can also be a great filling for crêpes!