Self-care practices don’t need to be elaborately planned events nor are acts that require special equipment and conditions, such as specialized gear, strict privacy or subscriptions to virtual services. 

They could be as small as a daily 10-minute dancing routine to wake your body up, or a 3-minute meditation to break up the work-from-home afternoon. 

Taking small steps every day to build self-care into your daily routine can have a major positive impact on your health and happiness.

So, how can we embrace the practice of self-care mindfully in this strange time of home confinement? 

How can we take care of ourselves – both physically and emotionally – without relying on expensive products?

To help you find what works for you, here are 8 ways to practice self-care that don’t necessarily require any extra products or special technology – some even encourage no technology – and can be practiced in ways that are totally unique to you. 

  1. #Stayhome movement. Physical activity options are pretty limited these days. Listening to your body is key to choosing the best possible option for you each day. Youtube or a friend on video-call can be your companion to the indoor physical activity of your choice: dancing, yoga, pilates, cardio while vacuuming, pushups, you name it!

  2. Good food therapy. Having to really reduce our trips to the store calls for making thought through shopping lists and organizing our week’s meals. (Some apps can help you do this!) Nourishing home-made meals will not only fortify your immune system, but they’ll also give you the energy and clarity to focus on the important things in your life. #Stayhome may bring about some emotionally challenging times. Having handy the ingredients of a healthy version of a comfort food, such as home-made veggie pizza, can help you hang in there! 

  3. Meaningful connections. This very peculiar time of limited mobility and real-life socializing could be seen as an opportunity… It might as well be the time to reconsider what our social interactions and our time spent on social media look like. Devote the time otherwise spent on commuting, shopping, and other activities, to have a long telephone conversation or video-call. Treat this as a special event, create a cozy setting, plan to be present in the moment, and seize the opportunity to catch up, deeply connect and nourish your heart by communicating with the important people in your life.  

  4. Screen diet. Admittedly easier said than done, staying away from your phone can help you tune into yourself and to your family. Being aware of your needs and really present for your loved ones during #stayhome can help you work out frictions, fears and focus on the silver lining!

  5. Water love. Having a long shower or a hot bath are two routine acts that could be reframed as self-care. They are wonderful ways to slow down and pamper yourself, especially if you are having a tough day. They can also prepare you for a restful sleep.

  6. Οmmm… Just a few minutes of meditation have shown to reduce anxiety, improve attention and concentration, and overall calm down your nervous system. Though it may sound oxymoron, phone apps can really help you create and sustain a regular meditation practice. It’s really worth a try!

  7. I delight in the opportunities of #stayhome. Affirmations are positive, encouraging statements or statements that allude to the goals you wish to achieve. They help remind you -however often works for you- that you’re on the path to success. And, yes, they do work!

  8. DIY fun. Opting for home-made versions of self-care products, using ingredients you’d find in your kitchen, can be serious fun! Making DIY face mask or shaving cream, can not only be a creative way to spend a tough #stayhome time but also a “life-saving” solution when the shopping options are limited!